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If today's business climate weren't competitive enough, global companies now face losing billions of dollars in sales and margin due to ruthless competitors: counterfeiters and gray marketers.

From network devices to pharmaceutical drugs to automotive parts, counterfeit products are littered across global supply chains.

Brands are under constant attacks that erode their value, including counterfeiting, gray marketing and other forms of IP theft. The first step is to understand the nature and scope of the problem.

Who We Are

• A data driven technology company that understands the challenges of supply chain integrity, with deep knowledge in high-tech, automotive, consumer electronics, lifestyle accessories and pharma sectors

• Consultants who can help retrofit companies' data and processes into development of a viable and valuable technology solution to address their counterfeiting and gray market challenges, and brand protection needs

• A multi-dimensional team of brand protection, product security and anti-counterfeit experts, set out to help companies protect their brands and bottom line

The True Pedigree Approach

We start every engagement by listening to and understanding your issue, environment and goals
We then determine the best combination of tools for your unique circumstances
Our flexible architecture is robust but allows us to make modifications to deliver a targeted tool that directly meets your needs

What We Offer

• Revenue maximization through a holistic, technology based approach to tackle counterfeit, gray market, and track & trace issues

• Rapid insights into your products and supply chain and corresponding solutions

• A simple, efficient process that saves your company significant time and resources

• Expert guidance in creating bespoke solutions that leverage existing data systems

Client Testimonials

  • True Pedigree's technology-enabled actionable intelligence has fundamentally shifted our approach to product diversion, resulting in improved outcomes for our customers, channel partners, and Avaya and driving business success. I highly recommend incorporating True Pedigree's data driven approach into your brand protection program as a means to improve your efficiency and effectiveness in countering gray market activities.

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    Lisa McCann Director of Brand Protection
  • True Pedigree technology has enabled Cisco rapidly and efficiently to scale our audit program using our existing data. Since we began using TP Audit, Cisco has been able to reduce costs, increase the number of audits, and dramatically improve our channel compliance for the protection of our customers, while creating a level playing field for our authorized resellers.

    Bill Friedman VP, Compliance & Brand Protection
  • True Pedigree's technology-enabled actionable intelligence has fundamentally shifted our approach to product diversion, resulting in improved outcomes for our customers, channel partners, and Avaya and driving business success. I highly recommend incorporating True Pedigree's data driven approach into your brand protection program as a means to improve your efficiency and effectiveness in countering gray market activities.

    LISA MCCANN Director of Brand Protection

Data-driven Solutions
to Protect Your Brand

Our data driven solutions are designed to increase your profit and reduce margin loss by leveraging your existing data to identify, quantify and prevent losses from counterfeits, gray market diversion and other attacks on your supply chain. Our diversely experienced team will customize your solution based upon your current and future threats.

  • GenuScan

    Authenticate and Track & Trace your products anytime, anywhere

    A quick scan with GenuScan provides an instant determination of the authenticity of your product.

    GenuScan is a customized platform that leverages your private supply chain data to truly authenticate your product, rather than other easily defeated and incomplete anti-counterfeit solutions. It has the ability to track and trace your genuine products and store the relevant data. GenuScan is front end technology agnostic in that it works with any anti-counterfeit label / product label / RFID tag / NFC tag etc.

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  • Gray Hunter

    Real-time analysis of gray market diversion and margin loss

    Gray Hunter seamlessly integrates our technology with your data to give you real time visibility to product diversions. By analyzing the detailed breakdown of diversion by product, country, end customer and reseller, Gray Hunter provides truly actionable intelligence.

    The customizable Gray Hunter Dashboard aggregates your data and provides Key Performance Indicators for program management.

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  • TPAudit

    Automated channel partner audits using your existing data

    Partner audits are an effective channel compliance tool. Until now, the audit process has typically involved significant manual effort and was quite expensive.

    TPAudit automates the audit process by using technology to analyze large amounts of data from you and your channel partner, so you'll quickly see anomalies and trends

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Our Team

Portrait for Shelly Raina
Shelley Raina
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Shelley has 15+ years of experience in product and supply chain security field. Shelley assists clients in assessing risks across their supply chain and has built data-driven technology solutions for numerous brands across multiple verticals to mitigate brand integrity problems such as counterfeiting, gray marketing, software license abuse, service abuse, and similar issues.

As Director, of Compliance and Investigations at Cisco, Shelley led a global team to protect Cisco’s IP rights, maintain the integrity of the supply chain, govern the sales channels and detect and dismantle counterfeit operations. After leaving Cisco, Shelley Co-Founded and was COO of Vantage Point Analytics, a strategic partner of Flex, that focused on supply chain analytics and fraud abatement. Shelley provided consulting services globally for Flex and its clients regarding supply chain matters. He has also served as an expert witness regarding product counterfeiting through forensic analysis of hardware and software.

Shelley’s passion for brand protection, coupled with his knowledge of corporate data systems across the supply chain, anti-counterfeit product design and labeling, and the illicit marketplace, motivated him to start True Pedigree.

Portrait for Jeffrey C. Hallam
Jeffrey C. Hallam
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Jeff is a partner with Sideman & Bancroft in San Francisco, where Jeff is the managing partner. Jeff counsels corporate clients in matters involving anti-fraud, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting enforcement efforts. This representation includes the conducting of internal and external investigations, often with the goal of referring individuals and entities who have committed crimes against the corporations to law enforcement agents and prosecutors, and in then seeking restitution recoveries on behalf of Jeff’s corporate clients. Jeff’s work in this area has focused on crimes involving the trafficking of counterfeit goods, major frauds (including sales and diversion fraud and warranty fraud), employee frauds and thefts, and computer intrusions.

Jeff has also assisted clients in a wide variety of civil litigation matters involving fraud, unfair business practices, trade secret misappropriation, insider trading, and breach of contract. He brings a common sense approach to sophisticated business problems.

Portrait for Richard J. Nelson
Richard J. Nelson
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Rick has focused on advising clients about anti-counterfeit programs and supply chain integrity for more than 15 years. A partner with the law firm of Sideman & Bancroft in San Francisco, Rick is also a former federal prosecutor, so Rick brings a disciplined approach to brand integrity issues. A particular focus of Rick’s practice is working with corporations to assist them in internal investigations to determine evidence of fraud and other crimes committed against those corporations, and then working with law enforcement and prosecutors to obtain investigations and prosecutions of entities committing the crimes, through sentencing and restitution.

Rick works with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, thinking creatively about solving complex problems they face. Rick lectures frequently and has written key articles about counterfeit issues, gray market fraud, and similar schemes that target significant companies. Rick also brings an appreciation for the government contributions to solutions, as Rick was a legislative assistant with a US Congressman, and served as a member of the IP advisory committee to US Customs dealing with trade secret/gray market issues.

Portrait for Ryan Fanning
Ryan Fanning
Chief Revenue Officer

Ryan Fanning, leads the sales and marketing team and is responsible for the company’s revenue-generation strategy and execution as well as go-to-market approach.

Ryan is a sales, account management, and marketing executive with 20 years of experience across a multitude of industries. Prior to joining True Pedigree, he was a Senior Account Executive at Gartner focused on helping IT and business leaders improve efficiency and achieve their mission critical priorities. During his 6+ years at Gartner Ryan has worked with organizations ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Since graduating from the University of Connecticut, where Ryan was a member of the baseball team he has also coached and mentored many within his community, including his own 3 children.

Portrait for Steve Katz
Steve Katz
Chief Financial Officer

Steve is a tax partner at Sideman & Bancroft LLP in San Francisco where he also acts as Chief Financial Officer. Steve represents taxpayers in disputes with the IRS and California tax agencies including audits, administrative appeals, litigation and collection matters.

Steve also represents clients in criminal tax matters. In addition to his tax practice, Steve also assists Sideman’s anti-fraud, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting enforcement efforts. Steve’s legal, tax and enforcement background bring a unique perspective to financial matters.

Portrait for Daniel G. Mascaro
Daniel G. Mascaro
Director, Investigations & Audits

Dan spent twenty-eight years managing international audits and investigations in high technology companies including the Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer and Hewlett Packard. Dan has extensive experience in gray market issues including product diversion, gray market fraud, misconduct by channel partners and the illicit broker marketplace. While at HP, Dan served as the Global Investigations Manager for HP’s Brand Security Group which conducted investigations into sales and discount fraud, counterfeiting, service and warranty fraud and supply chain losses.

While at Compaq, Dan was part of a select team which researched and developed the service and warranty fraud audit and investigations program currently in use by HP and later served as the Global Service and Warranty Fraud Investigations Manager.

Prior to working in high technology, Dan served as Deputy Superintendent of the Illinois State Police (ISP), Division of Administration. Dan has a BS in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University and an MS in Police Administration from Eastern Kentucky University. Dan has been a Certified Fraud Examiner since 1996 and has taught criminal investigation and white-collar crime courses as adjunct faculty of Hesser College in New Hampshire.


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